The Dispa-SET model is an open-source multi-sectoral unit commitment and optimal dispatch energy system model. I am a senior developer of the model since 2018 and my contributions include:
-    Mathematical modelling (GAMS),
-    Features (mid-term scheduling, power-to-gas, power flow tracing, GIS)
-    Input data pre-processing

-    Results analysis and visualisation
-    DevOps

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During my PhD I noticed that none of the available market models were taking into account energy storage and were available under an open-source licence. This is why I created the DARKO (Day-Ahead Market Optimisation) model that simulates clearing of day-ahead energy markets with multiple players and inter-connected zones. The model is highly flexible and can also be used for clearing of intra-day, multi-day, weekly, monthly and annual markets. Main features of the model are demand orders, simple orders, block orders, flexible orders, NTCs (ramping limits: hourly and per optimisation period), net positions (ramping limits: hourly and per optimisation period), and storage orders.


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Dispa-SET Side Tools

The Dispa-SET Side Tools package translates various types of raw input data to the Dispa-SET readable format. The package includes typical units, load curves (electricity, heating, cooling, water availability, gas), availability factors and net transfer capacities (NTC). In addition, the package can be used as a soft-linking platform between Dispa-SET and long-term energy planning models (JRC-EU-TIMES, ENERGYscope, CALLIOPE, DIETER, dynELMOD, EMMA, URBS, PLEXOS). Bachelor and master students can use the package to develop their programming and data processing skills.

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